I was in Davao since Thursday, and both the Consulting Team and the Technical Team are busy preparing for the last roll-out activities for Digos (Davao del Sur) and General Santos City (South Cotabato) sites.

Some minor issues were encountered, as experienced in the past, the static data have to be re-checked and updated due to changes and updates, despite the set cut-off guidelines. Good thing the Technical Team was able to create several utilities that can update Customer Information, discounts and pricing, and other static information using an upload script into the Sales and Distribution database.

However, Accounts Receivable and Sales Volume migration activities will be delayed for a day or two - the remaining sites were supposed to do their legacy system closing last Saturday but data from these off-sites were not immediately sent to the Plant in Davao for encoding.

This is how information were updated prior to installing the new System. Transactions from different Sales offices are brought into the Plant (some sites may be as far as 10 hours drive). Some are encoded in batch weekly into the Client's legacy system. The new system captures the transactions at the source locations - which made it very beneficial in making sure information are current/real-time.

Hopefully, we can already dispatch the Teams and the databases with migrated AR and Sales volume by Wednesday - for General Santos City and Digos.