We were billeted at Crown Regency Residences in Davao. It's one of the nice places to stay here I guess. It has lots of rooms in its main hotel - although, sound-proofing have to be done, as you could hear noises outside and along the hallways.

The hotel also has clusters of Mediterranean style villas around its tropical garden swimming pool. We stayed in two of those villas - one for the boys and one for the girls.

The villa unit we stayed has two floors. The ground floor is fully furnished with ref, stoves, tables and other appliances. This is ideal for a family who prefers to cook their own food - hmmm, you're in a hotel and you cook your food. The second floor has two rooms, a masters bedroom with one huge bed, and the other room with two beds and extra bed pull-outs.

It's a nice place to stay if you want to have good relaxing weekend. The hotel has a spa, a fitness gym, a wi-fi, the 24-hour Fabulous Fifties Cafe, a jacuzzi in its poolside and a host of other facilities. But not for us - we leave the place at 8:00 - 9:00 am and back at 2:00-4:00am the next day.

Haha, still, a cool place to stay.

~ negosyo.ws