I am not going to badmouth or slander some company here, but maybe I am allowed to voice out in my blog a bad experience with Globe Telecoms.

Honestly, I loved this company, its cutting edge, pioneering technology and services with regards to Mobile communications. Being the first company to introduce digital mobile solutions, most specifically the SMS (Short Messaging System) or "TEXTING" to most Filipinos, it became a leader in this business for some time.

I have been a loyal customer, ever since, I have been a Globe Plan subsriber. It's competitor, Smart Communications, slowly took the lead in the recent years in terms of subscriber base and other services offered. But I was never a plan subsriber with Smart. For almost 10 years, I stayed with Globe, because Globe is simply the best mobile solution for me.

Not until they launched the 3G service - the ability to browse the internet using your 3G phone. Globe was the first to commercially launched 3G with HSDPA, and me, being a little techie-savvy guy, I took the initial offer at that time to use the service at big big discount.

I tried it, although, it was not satisfactory in some locations, but the ability to browse anywhere - the idea of accessing the internet anywhere to be exact, became the focus of my fanatic following at that time. In fact, when we rolled out a new Sales and Distribution system with my Client's Central Luzon operations, I strongly recommended that they invest in Globe connectivity - for it's 8 remote sites connecting to the Plant in San Fernando, Pampanga.

I didn't have any idea that one day - to my surprise, all of a sudden after months of using the service, I was billed Php14,000.00 plus for a few hours of usage that month!!! (it was sometime April or May).

- To be continued....