Today, my CDO Team Leader reported that the Sales Volume report problem was fixed and the Plant's Finance Manager confirmed it in his email to my Client's Executive Committee.

As usual, the Technical Team was reliable as ever, and the Consultants at site worked on the diagnosis and testing the whole day yesterday. This provided our Technical Team, which remotely fixed the errors based on the submitted screenshots and sample reports by the Consultants.

This also tested and confirmed our infrastructure solution to remotely access any Server/Databases using Wide Area Network (WAN) for Plant-base sites, powered by fiber optics provided by PLDT, a giant telecoms provider in the Philippines. Also, we used PLDT's We-Roam services in the remotes Sales Offices to provide connectivity - to enable sending of regular program and reports updates, as well as in making remote support activities. We-Roam provides 3G internet connection with HSDPA in major cities, while it can provide EDGE or GPRS connection to remote towns and municipalities.

We-Roam utilizes the network coverage of SMART, a leading mobile telecoms provider in the Philippines. As long as there's a SMART mobile phone signal, you can get a connection.

For more information on SMART and PLDT We-Roam, visit the following links:

>>> SMART Communications
>>> Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT)