I had a great time showing off to my colleagues the amazing service that my favorite Telecommunications company provides - a free Samsung Z560 3G with HSDPA phone and the ability to browse the internet with my laptop using the said phone as broadband modem - and, for a very select/few locations, it indeed provided blazing broadband speed.

In fact, my Client signed-up for the Globe Visibility service for its 8 remote Sales Offices in Central Luzon, Philippines - a product of my recommendation that they subscribe to the service and be able to put connectivity to these remote locations. Thus the said sales offices were able to use e-mails, and regularly received software updates and reports from Manila Headoffice.

And then the Php 14,000.00 plus bill!!! I could not believe I'm being charged that much for only a few hours of usage - which mostly just accessing e-mails at very slow speed since I was mobile most of the time - driving and going around the different Sales Offices in Central Luzon, Philippines.

I called up Globe Customer Service - which later best called Customer de-Service and complained about the "exorbitant, out-of-this-world, excessive, abusive" charging of Globe. I explained I have been using the service for several months and I was never billed that much. I stressed I can't accept such billing as it's not fair - and outrageously excessive! I got a broadband/dsl plan at home, I can browse the internet at a very comfortable speed - yet I am only paying Php700.00+ a month!

Then there's Globe Visibility - where for Php2,000.00 monthly subscription, you can use the same service as I have in my phone, and at more reliable connection. But Php14,000.00 for a few hours??? It's insane if anyone could accept that. I was even challenging the Customer de-Service Agent that they can go with me where I used the service and see for themselves if its worth paying that much...

Then the Customer Service guy explained about per kilobyte charging - which, I don't really understand, and they were already charging. I complained that there was not enough campaign to inform everyone about it, unfortunately, the guy was being sarcastic and that he told me there's nothing Globe can do.

I told him I won't be paying that until my complaint is addressed. However, after a few weeks, Globe just disconnected my phone line, even if I don't have an outstanding balance for my regular calls (I was on Php3,500.00/month subscription). What was disappointing is - after all those years I have been a good paying customer, and after even marketing their service to my Clients, without even a consideration, I get to endure the difficulty in having my phone line disconnected. The inconvenience was unbearable, unable to make long calls - the luxury of having a subscription plan, just because my line was disconnected just like that.

Now, I am still using a Globe prepaid sim card, but sooner, I will be switching to Smart. I have already signed for 3 Sun Lines, and will soon give up the three other Globe lines I have with my family.

As for the connectivity service, my Client have just procured 30 units of PLDT/Smart We-Roam, and is still planning to get 50units more. And I have already proposed not to renew the 9 Globe Visibility units that we deployed in Central Luzon last year - all to be replaced by a much better Customer Service of Smart/PLDT We-Roam.

I am still a Globe fan, however, I will not ever again be their customer.

Its disappointing that as a great Company becomes bigger, its basic customer service and reaching out fades away...



  1. the damned customer // December 7, 2007 at 12:46 AM  

    This is Part 2 of two-series blog about my bad experience with services of Globe Telecoms.

    Check previous posts for the first part.