Without the help of the Team that my Client (let's call this client CLIENT ABC) agreed to help me out, rolling out CLIENT ABC's new Sales and Distribution system at the speed we are currently doing, would be almost impossible.

The 12 were pluck out from a selection of more than a dozen candidates, and were experts in their own fields, young, and full of energy.

After a month of bootcamp and workshop, including actual exposure to a roll-out in one of the biggest sites in Metro Manila towards the end of their training program, all passed with very satisfactory results.

We grouped them into 3 Teams, each Team assigned to a Plant and it's Sales Offices sites. Starting last July, the group have already completed 5 plants in Luzon and Visayas, and currently working on Mindanao Plants in CDO, Davao and Zamboanga, with over 12 sites to cover.

We plan to complete the Mindanao leg this December, and, Pre-work is already in place for the last 3 Plants in Leyte, Naga and Northern Luzon. Roll-Out at these sites should commence early January and completed before March, 2008.