My Client has more than ten (10) plants all over the Philippines, and each plant have Sales Offices strategically located on major cities and towns. The new Sales and Distribution system that we were rolling out was implemented on these sites - that's close to a hundred sites all in all.

However, the new S&D System, simple yet powerful in capabilities, is running on a stand-alone mode in all of the Sites implemented. This requires the development of an integration software that would allow retrieval of all information in each site, and consolidate these information at the Plant level. Then all Plant level data are consolidated into one Company-wide information database.

Several integration and data warehousing tools are currently evaluated, however, I have to see which one is better suited to the requirements. These include dashboards, and easy-to-use interfaces with built-in models that can present information such us Sales Volume, Customer accounts, Product demand, Delivery Efficiency and some relevant management-critical information.

The hunt is on...