The Zamboanga Plant, as in the other Plants, underwent difficulties during its first day of using the new Sales and Distribution system - here I refer to as the "Cutover". Everybody had a hard time coping up - even though the changes to transactions, and procedures have been communicated long way back, people still have the difficulty in adopting new things.

Very ironic since with this Client, the benefits of the Changes are immense, and these benefits have been proven in the previous roll-out of the new S&D system. As outlined in the blog post "The Painful Road to Change" (my previous post), these new procedures totally change the way Sales, Finance and Logistics do things. As indicated in the previous roll-outs, daily transaction closing efforts and time to be spent are improved 200 to 300%.

Sales people don't have to manually issue invoices to Customers, as these are generated by the new system. Manual computations and reconciliations are already a thing in the past, as the new system fully integrates all information using simple transactions.

The first day of the new system, the Cutover, was filled with so much animosity. But in the coming few days, these indifferences will surely fade away.