All Stretched Out!

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Monday, January 14, 2008 marked the start of a series of provincial trips to kick-off the new system training in the last 3 plants of a my Client.

The 3 teams of Consultants have been on these sites since the previous week. They were facilitating the preparation and cleanup of all required static data (customers, routes, products, A/R balances, sales volumes) to ensure completenes and accuracy.

Naga was my destination last Monday. With only one flight going in and out of Naga, you cannot afford to miss the early morning (6:30 am) flight. I had a party the previous night so 'sleep' was something that I didnt have that day. Just less than an hour flight, I was in Naga before 7:30 am. My task was to present the 'New Business Process' which normally takes 4-6 hours - depending on the number of questions and issues raised by the participants.

The training venue was held at the Regent Hotel, where I was also billeted. The room was spacious, with a huge matrimonial bed - good thing there was no 'strange feeling' felt inside the room.

That was my second time in Naga, the first one was more than 10years ago. Mt. Isarog is still there, fortunately, and all those old churches all around the city. Progress can now be noticed with the construction of new nightspots and restaurants. We had dinner at the Avenue - perhaps, the Greenbelt of Naga.

I managed to take some pictures as well. Well, one of the good or not so good things about Consulting job is you really have to travel a lot. This one was something I looked forward to.

The next day, I took the only flight to Manila at 8:30am.

I'm going back there next week - on 22-January.