Miss Universe 2008 Results and Updates:

Miss Universe 2008 Winner: Ms. Venezuela Dayana Mendoza

1st Runner-up: Ms. Colombia Taliana Vargas

2nd Runner-up: Ms. Dominican Republic Marianne Cruz Gonzalez

3rd Runner-up: Ms. Russia Vera Krasova

4th Runner-up: Ms. Mexico Elisa Najera

Miss Universe 2008 Top 5 Winners:

Ms. Venezuela (Dayana Mendoza), Ms. Mexico (Elisa Najera), Ms. Dominican Republic (Marianne Cruz Gonzalez), Ms. Colombia (Taliana Vargas), Ms. Russia (Vera Krasova).

Special Award Winners:

Best in Bikini - Queen of Vinpearl

Winner: Elisa Najera (Mexico)

Top 5 finalists: Taliana Vargas (Colombia), Simran Kaur (India), Claudia Moro (Spain), Crystle Stewart (USA.

Best in Áo dài

  • Winner: Dayana Mendoza (Venezuela)
  • Runner-ups: Simran Kaur (India), Nguyễn Thùy Lâm (Vietnam), Gavintra Photijak (Thailand), Alfina Nasyrova (Kazakhstan).

Best National Costume

  • Winner: Gavintra Photijak (Ms. Thailand)
  • Top 10 finalists: Matilda Mecini (Albania), Taliana Vargas (Colombia), Marianne Cruz (Dominican Republic), Simran Kaur (India), Zana Krasniqi (Kosovo), Elisa Najera (Mexico), Karol Castillo (Peru), Tansey Coetzee (South Africa), Dayana Mendoza (Venezuela), Nguyễn Thùy Lâm (Vietnam).
Miss Congeniality: Rebeca Moreno (Ms. El Salvador)

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  1. Anonymous // July 14, 2008 at 10:06 AM  

    Interesting. There is no contestant from Asia or Africa in the top 10.

    Also, who made Donald Trump Jr as a judge? He is a moron. Doesn't even know how to speak..and he is judging the miss Universe! I have no faith in this competition.