Recently, I got busy over the holidays configuring my new website It was kinda ambitious since I don't know anything about FTP, PHP, HTML, web designing, and all those other techie stuffs.

I envision my site to be a place where people can converge, not just for social networking
(like what Friendster or MySpace and the other similar-themed sites) but also for professional networking. I want a site that can provide fresh contents for its members, from its members, be it something about Systems, Cooking, Banking, the Internet and other fields of expertise. I need a site that can put together all these ideas, store and archive into a huge database of stories, events, literary works, blogs, topics, reports, projects and any other form of article.

Then I came across PHP-Nuke and Joomla! Honestly, I didn't knew anything about these two monsters only about a week ago. These are Content Management Systems (or CMS) - to simply say, a configurable online software that can manage, store, provide contents, and provide dynamic pages to a website. A website can be a newsletter, an online community such as a Forum, a Gallery or Photoblog, or a blogging site. CMS enables anyone to create a great website from readily-made templates and modules, and expand the site using available plugins and themes.

Now I installed these two softwares, obviously, the latest Joomla! release (ver. 1.5RC5) looks more appealing in terms of visuals, but PHP-Nuke excels in terms of contents, easy-to-configure and provides POINTS systems to its users.

Anyone who can help me decide which to choose. To Joomla! Or to Nuke?

By the way, although these are not yet finished, feel free to check out these two sites:

myWorld Logo

Overdrive Logo