Companies planning to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, or any business systems application should consider the following - before jumping into something that would led to lots of regrets later:

1. Requirements Definition

A good way to start a business systems project (like an ERP solution- Oracle, SAP, etc., or functional solutions like a Sales and Distribution software) is to clearly define your objectives, and specific requirements that you want to be addressed. Objectives and requirements should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound (S-M-A-R-T). Details on how to prepare a requirements definition document will be posted soon.

2. Readiness

A project is sure to fail, if readiness checking is not thoroughly done. I got a client who spent millions of pesos for a reputable software, including paying big time Consultants - only to realize they're stuck in a quagmire of issues, and it was hard to get out of there.

Readiness checking should be focused on the following areas:

  • Is your Organization ready?
  • Are your Business Processes ready?
  • Are your infrastructures ready?

Details of each of the above readiness check will be posted here soon.

3. Budget

Yeah, systems implementation will cost you an arm and a leg - if you don't manage it very well. Make sure your requirements definition also outlines the bound of your spending, and includes proven alternative ways to get the same results - but at a more competitive cost. The following can spell the difference between spending all your money or spending within your budget on a project:

  • Choice of software solutions
  • Choice of implementors
  • Choice of third-party providers

Tips on how to save on your implementation costs will also be posted here soon.

For information, leave your comments and will get back to you.