Today, we cutover to the new system and succesfully migrated the Client's Accounts Receivables and Sales databases. The Cagayan de Oro (CDO) Plant is the 8th Plant to roll-out the Route Sales to Delivery to Receivables system this year.

It's 10:30pm and my team is currently supporting the Users - Sales, Finance, Logistics, and even Customers in completing the necessary daily transactions.

This Plant has been doing daily reconciliations of all Sales and Finance transactions, and complete the entire task regularly at 4:00am of the next day. Reports are generated twice a week, as volume of transactions do not allow daily reporting of Sales and Receivables.

With this new system in placed, all transactions should be closed every 10:00pm, as achieved by the previous 7 plants that are already running the new system. Sales reports and Receivables can now be generated daily. Customer orders are now properly served, and delivery fill-rate should greatly increase, from the current 75-80% to 98% in about 3 weeks time.